Let’s Look at Minato’s Team First.

Let’s look at Minato’s team first. Back then Obito Uchiha was the weakest of the three, but he released the Great Fireball Technique early on. It turns out even the weakest member of the Minato team is more powerful than the genius of Team Seven! This is what’s called difference! In this trial, Minato also used the Flying Thunder God Kunai technique. This is Minato’s most formidable jutsu!


Now, let’s turn to the Sannin’s bell fighting years when they were little. The anime doesn’t make much of it, but the result is important. Even though Jiraiya was bound onto a column, but Orochimaru and Tsunade got the bell. Note their teacher is the Third Hokage, and that back then, Hiruzen Sarutobi was still young and could get the bell from his hands. This is proof of their power!

Finally, what about their teacher? Kakashi was an elite jonin. A Kakashi like this could have easily defeated Team Seven. Minato already had the moniker of Golden Flash, and Hiruzen was already the Hokage. As a comparison, the difference between strengths becomes very evident. Without doub, Sasuke and Naruto’s Team Seven is the weakest among the three teams.

Naruto Online is my favorite MMORPG. I really its ninjas’ skills. For those who has seen the anime, these ninjutsu would probably be very familiar. I think the coolest is still Naruto’s Rasengan. Naruto happens to be my favorite ninja too.


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