I’m a Loyal Fan of Naruto.

I’m a loyal fan of Naruto. More and more anime are coming out now, but this will always be a classic. Now, even though this anime has ended, my love for it will never die. I’m playing a game called Naruto Online. It’s a Naruto game with very high restoration of the original works. It’s really a continuation of the anime!

Naruto has many funny plots. One episode talks about Team Seven receiving the task of investigating a female ninja. This episode is really hilarious!

Sakura investigated Tenten, the female ninja on Guy’s team. Kakashi commends Tenten as a nonconformist of this idiotic team. Kakashi was investigating genjutsu master Kurenai whereas the object of Naruto’s survey turns out to be none other than himself in transformation!

After commending himself for his perfect transformation, Naruto wanted to show off his erotic techniques, which Kakashi looked forward to very much. It was his first time seeing Kakashi so enthusiastic about something that he reminded him of Jiraiya! But, we have no way test and verify whether Kakashi will nosebleed or not, because Sakura appears angrily, stopping Naruto in his tracks. Then she gives him a good punch.

In the Naruto plot, the scene of Sakura punching Naruto appears multiple times where Naruto flies into the sky, creating a perfect parabola. Kakashi says they can break the record this time. Naruto rebounded three times on the ground, and the achievement was finally revealed. Sakura created a new record. She made Naruto fly for 387 meters!

This is a really funny episode. I don’t even actually like Sakura, but I want to see the new erotic techniques Naruto developed!


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