Yiruka- One of The Most Important People.

In all the Naruto games I’ve played, my favorite is Naruto Online. This game has a high restoration of the original works. The plot and graphics are true to the original. The ninjas are also exactly the same as those in the anime in terms of skills and appearance.


In Naruto, the two most important people to Naruto isn’t Hinata but the following two people. The first is Yiruka. Yiruka is the first person who changed Naruto. He’s the great teacher of Konoha. Even though he’s not the most powerful, he has given Naruto the best emotional support.

As we can seen from the first episode, Naruto is a naughty child. It’s because he has always been ostracized as a child, so he became rebellious. When Naruto was lured away to steal scrolls, Yiruka’s belief protected Naruto, giving him shelter and companionship. If it weren’t for Yiruka, Naruto would probably have became Gaara.

Then, there’s Jiraiya. He’s also very interesting when he was with Naruto. I like to see Jiraiya training with Naruto the most. Naruto is probably also happiest when he’s training with Jiraiya. If it weren’t for Jiraiya, Naruto’s ability wouldn’t have risen that fast. Jiraiya is not only Naruto’s teacher, but also Naruto’s family. I was sad when Jiraiya died.

The two most important people in Naruto’s growth process are his senior and guide. They are also Naruto’s closest people on this earth. If it weren’t for these two people, it would have been impossible for Naruto to become the seventh Hokage.

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