Jiraiya’s Death Saddened Me the Most.

If I had to choose the most fun game of 2016 I would choose Naruto Online. Many people like Naruto and they all should know about this game. The graphics are very well done and game play abundant, and most important, extremely loyal to its source Content, Naruto’s Anime and Manga.

Jiraiya has always been one of my favorite characters of Naruto Online and Anime, he had a great life and his story is very heartwarming. Jiraiya was teacher of three generation of Naruto characters, Minato’s, Nagato, Yahiko, Konan and last but not least, Naruto. Jiraiya was important for Naruto’s growth as a Ninja and a Person. He was also smart, funny, relatively lust but ultimately reliable.


Jiraiya’s Death saddened me the most.

His mission was to collect intelligence on Pain, in Hidden Rain Village’s depths. He later discovered Pain and Akatsuki’s member real identity, and a confrontation between Jiraiya & his pupil became inevitable. Having to fight six powerful Shinobi at the same time, Shinobi that were connected and could not be surprised, turned bad for him. Just before dying, Jiraiya discovered Pain’s final secret & how to defeat him, and sent it to Konohagakure.

Jiraiya’s life as a wanderer did not him, one of Konoha’s most powerful ninja. Even when he had nothing to rely on, he still maintained his good spirit and reliability. He was responsible for bringing back Tsunade, which one day would became the fifth Hokage. He sacrificed everything to protect his village & Naruto, his protégée. He was a great ninja, Jiraiya, the frog ninja.

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