Naruto’s Plot.

I like Naruto games. Right now I’m playing Naruto Online. This is a Naruto game adapted from the anime. I started liking this game since when I first began to play because I saw familiar characters such as the Third Hokage, Naruto, and Konohamaru. It’s really a happy thing to be able to experience again the Naruto plot via a game.


Speaking of Naruto’s plot, I always remember Kushina Uzumaki. I’ve always liked her character. Even though she doesn’t appear very often, she has left a deep impression on me. She’s lively and adorable and an extremely great mother. The part that touches me the most is the part in which she urges Naruto. Like all other mothers in the world, she possesses powerful motherly love. I think Kushina is the greatest and most loving mother in Naruto!

Naruto, it doesn’t matter if the food is delicious or not, don’t pick. You have to eat so you can become strong. Clean after your self everyday. Go to be early. Don’t stay up late. Remember to make friends. It doesn’t matter how many, as long as you make real friends, friends that you can trust. Even just a few will be enough. Remember to study hard. I’ve never learned much ninjutsu myself, but maybe you can. Everybody has somethings they’re good at and somethings they’re not good at, so if you can’t do something, don’t give up. Listen to your teachers and elders and remember the three prohibitions. Don’t borrow money unless you have no other choice. Save the money you make from your missions. Don’t drink until you’re 20 years old, and don’t drink excessively. It’s bad for your body. Lastly a few words about women. Your mother is a woman, so I might know. There are only men and women in this world. You’ll find a girlfriend sooner or later. I hope you don’t find someone too strange. Just find someone like me will do. Naruto, you will encounter a lot of difficulties in your life, and a lot of pain, so you must believe in yourself. You must be sure of your goals and aspirations. March forward without hesitation. Don’t you give up until your last breath. There’s so much more that mom wants to say to you. I wish we could always be together because mom loves you!



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