A Really Fun Card Collection Game

I’ve played a lot of different kinds of Naruto Games, mostly action and card types, but I think card games are more suitable for me because action games are tiring whereas card games are relatively more relaxing. It’s also tons of fun to collect different Ninjas. I’m playing Naruto Online, which happens to be a really fun card collection game.


Kisame Hoshigaki, a character from the Japanese anime Naruto and a member of the Akatsuki, code named Nan. Originally a ninja from the Village of Hidden Mist and member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. With the face, skin and teeth of a shark, he’s good in water style and blade skills. Because of an alarming amount of chakras in his body, he is called the “Tailed Beast without a Tail.”

Kisame ninja

Intro to Kisame Hoshigaki:

[Mystery Skills] Water Release—Great Shark Bullet [Prompt] Cause great ninjutsu damage to at least four enemy units and cause knockdown to selected enemies as well as absorb all of their chakras.

[Standard Attack Skills] Shark Skin Attack—Attack the front enemy and absorb at most 20 points of chakras and maybe trigger a triple combo to cause low float and acupuncture.

[Passive Skill 1] Chakra Swallow—Recover 10% of life every time the team recovers chakras.

[Passive Skill 2] Water Release—Water Shark Bullet Technique—Chase and attack as well as repulse the enemy to cause low float as well as recover some life value.

[Chase and Attack] Shark Skin Increase—With you have at least 40 chakras, increase your attack by 3% for every additional chakra you gain.

Kisame Hoshigaki’s mystery skill is not very damaging, but has exceptional chakra absorption ability. Standard attack is enough and has the ability to absorb chakras and form seals. We can tell from Kisame’s skills that he has powerful recovery ability. He can be counted as a growth type ninja. The more he battles the stronger he gets!


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