This Anime Has Accompanied Me For Years.

I can’t use words to describe my love for Naruto. Ever since high school, this anime has accompanied me for years. Even though it has ended, I still continue to like it. Recently I’ve been playing Naruto Online. This Naruto game restores many of the plots from the anime. For an anime fan like me, this game is just the continuation of the will of fire.


Recently I’ve been thinking about a problem. If Naruto doesn’t have Nine-Tails, would he still become the Seventh Hokage? I think Naruto might very potentially become a genius ninja, a great ninja, but would never achieve his present level.

Without Nine-Tails, let’s assume Four-Tails isn’t dead yet. Kushina gives birth to Naruto and serves as a Jinchuriki for some time. This gives credence to the fact that Naruto had a pretty good environment growing up, and he grows up pretty successfully.

Combatting-Nine-Tails naruto

The original mentions Nine-Tail’s disturbance. It’s difficult for Naruto to control chakras. A huge portion of chakras were used to control Nine-Tails and thus were not available for other applications. As the life-blood of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto has a powerful life force in him. If Naruto knew how to use chakras since he were little, then it would have been more efficient for him to learn ninjutsu. With family background, he would have inevitably grown into a genius. But because of the Fourth Hokage, Jiraiya and the toads of Mount Myoboku  would have instructed Naruto to keep on training. Whether it’s talent or education, with so many great teachers, Naruto could have reached greatness sooner.

But then again, how powerful can a ninja get without eye techniques or power of the tailed beasts? He would become a vastly great ninja, but it would be questionable whether he’s be able to beat Sasuke, let alone even more powerful enemies like Obito and Madara. Then, the story of Naruto would have changed completely. The world of ninjas wouldn’t even exist.


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