Classic Ninjas And Mystery Skills.

This year I’ve played many MMORPG online games. My favorite one is Naruto Online because it has a high level of restoration of the Naruto anime. A lot of classic ninjas and mystery skills appear in the game. If an anime-based game doesn’t respect the original works, then there’s really no reason to play it.


In the Naruto anime, “Nindo” is a word that is mentioned frequently. Everybody has a personal way of the ninja life. I like Naruto, Shikamaru and Jiraiya’s the best! Naruto’s nindo is passionate. Shikamaru’s nine is unhurried, and Jiraiya’s is profound.

Naruto’s nindo: I’m not gonna run away and I never go back on my word, that is my nindo! My ninja way!

This is probably Naruto’s favorite pet phrase. He’s said it when he learned to climb trees with his chakras, when he was taking the chunk exam, and when he tried to find Tsunade. This phrase is full of energy and is easy to say. It sounds simple, but is actually pretty hard to achieve in reality.

jiraiya ninja

Jiraiya’s nindo: A ninja can accept everything.

This is what Jiraiya said during his first encounter with Orochimaru. Back then Orochimaru was still persisting in the belief that ninjas were supposed to master every ninjutsu. Indeed, the duo go on to follow different paths because of their diverging beliefs. Personally I identify with Jiraiya’s point of view. I think a ninja should be able to accept and tolerate anything!

Shikamaru’s nindo: I just want to become a ninja, make some money, marry an average girl, bear a couple of kids, a girl and a boy, then retire when my daughter marries and my son is grown up, and then just play chess everyday for the rest of my life until I die. I want to die before my wife dies. This is the kind of life I want. But I ended up in the middle of the limelight. I just want a normal life! Evidently, Shikamaru’s nindo is that of a relaxed lifestyle.


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