I am an Anime Fan.


I like to play game a lot. I’ve tried every game of this theme. Recently I played an online Naruto game called Naruto Online. Of all the games I’ve played recently, this is the truest of the original. If you’re an anime fan, then you should definitely give this game a try. In the Naruto … Continue reading I am an Anime Fan.


The Akimichi Clan Has a Special Type of Secret Techniques.

The Akimichi clan has a special type of secret techniques known as the Explosive Butterfly Bullets. They can spend up a huge amount of the chakras they saved up in the blink of an eye and use them to critically hit their enemies. It doesn’t seem like they’re spending money, but doesn’t Choji spend money … Continue reading The Akimichi Clan Has a Special Type of Secret Techniques.

Classic Element – Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu

naruto online

Many games often use the same name of an anime to attract players but the game quality is not good. However, unlike those games, in Naruto Online, I can find many familiar anime elements, such as ninjas, scenes and Secret Techniques. In Naruto, besides the touching stories and fierce fights, another classic element is Naruto’s Sexy … Continue reading Classic Element – Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu