Itachi showed his ability in Naruto Online

Recommend an MMORPG called Naruto Online to you. This game has legitimate authorization of BANDAI NAMCO. Both its image quality and the ways of play are quite good and I have played it for almost half a year. It also has relatively fast updates and plenty of ninjas to collect.

Itachi is my favourite Ninja both in the anime and the game. In game Naruto, although it’s not easy to judge a ninja’s strength because of the inter-restriction among properties, Itachi is definitely a very strong ninja.

The First Appearance: Itachi VS Kakashi

It was the first time that Itachi showed his ability of Tsukuyomi and he easily defeated Kakashi because the performer can control both time and mass in the world of Tsukuyomi.

Itachi VS Orochimaru

After they both joined Akatsuki, Orochimaru once tried to snatch Itachi’s Sharingan, but he lost after making just the first attack because he fell into Itachi’s illusion.


Itachi VS Deidara

Itachi also defeated Deidara just in an instant by using Tsukuyomi and made him captivated by his “art”.

Itachi VS Sasuke

It seemed that Itachi lost his fight with Sasuke on purpose. Obito also told Sasuke later that actually he couldn’t break Tsukuyomi at all. It was Itachi who designed everything in order to seal Orochimaru after drawing him out of Sasuke’s body.

Itachi VS The Fourth Mizukage

Just like Killer Bee, The Fourth Mizukage is a Jinchuriki who can perfectly control Tailed Beast. It was the first time that Itachi Uchiha used Amaterasu but didn’t kill The Fourth Mizukage.

Itachi VS Nagato

Itachi broke Catastrophic Planetary Devastation with Naruto and sealed Nagato.

Itachi VS Kabuto

When fighting with Kabuto who was in the Sage Mode, Itachi used Izanami to make Kabuto fall into an infinite cycle in order to change his mind, and later Itachi broke Edo Tensei.

Itachi is very strong indeed and everything he does is for his brother and Konoha so he is my favorite ninja.



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