Classic Element – Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu

Many games often use the same name of an anime to attract players but the game quality is not good. However, unlike those games, in Naruto Online, I can find many familiar anime elements, such as ninjas, scenes and Secret Techniques.


In Naruto, besides the touching stories and fierce fights, another classic element is Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu. Now let’s review those classical Sexy Jutsu!

Sexy Jutsu Basic Version

Thanks to Naruto, we can see such classical Ninjutsu in the first episode. It was in Ninjutsu class that Iruka even sprayed his nosebleed immediately after seeing it, which is quite embarrassing.

Sexy Jutsu Basic Version 2

In the second episode, when Naruto couldn’t explain the photo clearly to The Third Hokage, he used Sexy Jutsu again and seckilled The Third Hokage, who couldn’t withstand it neither.

naruto online

Sexy Jutsu Basic Version 3

When Naruto took Konohamaru to the bathroom, he used Sexy Jutsu once. And not surprisingly, it was discovered because he was wearing his own clothes,

Harem Jutsu

When Ebisu said that he wouldn’t have any response to Sexy Jutsu at all, Naruto combined Shadow Clone with Shape Transformation to produce Harem Jutsu and made Ebisu pass out directly.

Sexy Jutsu Basic Version 4

When Naruto became a student of Jiraiya, he used Sexy Jutsu once again and, so to speak, totally conquered Jiraiya.

Sexy Jutsu (Ino’s image)

Naruto and Ino once accepted a commission in an episode and Naruto transformed himself into Ino to seduce others.

Classical Sexy Jutsu Series of Konohamaru

At first, Konohamaru’s Sexy Jutsu was very poor and all the images he made were very horrible. But after much practice, he can use it pretty well now!

Reverse Harem Jutsu

When fighting against Ootutuki Kaguya, Naruto used his Sexy Jutsu again which was surprisingly effective and Kaguya was totally stunned!





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