I am an Anime Fan.

I like to play game a lot. I’ve tried every game of this theme. Recently I played an online Naruto game called Naruto Online. Of all the games I’ve played recently, this is the truest of the original. If you’re an anime fan, then you should definitely give this game a try.


In the Naruto anime, there’s one type of ninjutsu that’s pretty special. That is sealing jutsu. In my mind, there are several sealing jutsu that are pretty amazing.

The Fire Sealing Method

User: Jiraiya

Seals all fire ninjutsu within a scroll. Jiraiya used this ninjutsu to seal Itachi’s Amaterasu.

Tiger Vision Staring Bullet

User: Sai

Uses a customized brush to draw a tiger and summons the tiger to seal the enemy within the paper.

Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals

User: Akatsuki

The Akatsuki uses these seals to pull out the tailed beasts from within the bodies of the jinchuriki. It concentrates the power of ten ninjas and activates the seal with the combined will of everybody involved. They use the attraction chakra to pull out and to seal the chakra of the tailed beast. The chakra of giant tailed beasts needs several days of uninterrupted effort from S-nins. Common ninjas can’t even activate the sealing statue.

Sand Seal

User: Gaara

Uses sand to wrap up the enemy. The sealing mark is mixed into the sand. A guiding principle can be used after sealing.

Ink Seal

User: Killer B

This sealing jutsu can only be used after tailed-beast transformation. Ink is spat out into clones and the swastika character 卍 is used to control the opponent’s body. The target is completely blackened and sealed after three seconds. This powerful jutsu can instantly seal up to thousands of enemies. The only defect is that it needs three seconds to form a seal completely.

Dead Demon Consuming Seal

Users: The Fourth and the Fifth Hokages

Summons Death and makes him swallow up the enemy’s ninjutsu. It’s a sealing jutsu where neither side gains.

Chibaku Tensei

User: Pain, Sasuke

The Sage of Six Paths has invented the Moon Jutsu. Originally a sealing jutsu, this technique seals Ten Tail’s onto the face of the moon. Chibaku Tensei is also the sealing jutsu Nagato uses to seal Nine-Tails.


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