The Akimichi Clan Has a Special Type of Secret Techniques.

The Akimichi clan has a special type of secret techniques known as the Explosive Butterfly Bullets. They can spend up a huge amount of the chakras they saved up in the blink of an eye and use them to critically hit their enemies. It doesn’t seem like they’re spending money, but doesn’t Choji spend money when he’s always snacking out and eating grill? Let alone he is always ordering enough food to feed dozens of people every time.


Among the Seven Swords of Hidden Mist, there is a sword called the Blastsword in mmorpg online. This sword features a blade on one side and a wide platform on the other side where scrolls are blasted out. Every time the sword is used, it blasts out dozens of scrolls. Without money, it’s useless for a ninja to hold this sword.


Another ninja who’s good at blasting scroll attacks is Hanzo of Hidden Rain. This demi-god of a ninja is extremely skilled in the Fire Formation Technique. Exploding scrolls dig through the earth and fix themselves onto enemy bodies. Every time Hanzo releases this attack, dozens of exploding scrolls comes blasting out.

Tenten of Konoha’s Twelve Platoons, because of heirloom weapons handed down in the family, uses weapons like they don’t cost a penny. The most extravagant is called the  Twin Rising Dragons. This ninjutsu unfolds two scrolls into two dragon forms and emits a huge amount of indistinguishable attacks. Then it retracts with steel wiring and starts to control the victims like that of skilled puppet master. It’s fast and wide ranging, so much for being the owners of a weapons shop.


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