Naruto Online Strategy Shippuden Ninja How to Match

I rarely recharge in games, but recently I’ve spent a pretty sum in a Naruto game called Naruto Online because I like collection too much. In this game I can collect all sorts of ninjas that appear in the anime, so I’ve spent a lot of money on collecting popular ninjas.
In Naruto Online, Naruto is one of the first ninjas we can collect. As Naruto’s start level rises, ninja skills and attributes all start to change. 1-star Naruto’s skills aren’t too great. 2-star Naruto has the immensely powerful Rasengan and own three clones; 3-star ninja is the image of Shippuden and possesses extremely powerful skills, has the Big Ball Rasengan. We will introduce Shippuden Naruto today.
Naruto [Shippuden] Ninja Skill Intro
Naruto [Shippuden] Ninja Skill Intro:
[Mystery Skill] Big Ball Rasengan: [Prompt] Cause ninjutsu and taijutsu damage as well as repulsion to the selected enemy. When there are more than 2 shadow clones on stage, he would use the Rotating Shuriken and cause ninjutsu and taijutsu damage to the entire enemy squad.
[Standard Skill] Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu: Summon 1 to 2 shadow clones. If chakra is higher than 80 points, then summon 2 shadow clones for sure.
[Passive Skill 1] Shadow Clone Jutsu: Use at the beginning of battle. Create 3 shadow clones based on Naruto’s original attributes.
[Passive Skill 2] Shadow Clone Combo: Substitutes for standard attacks when there are shadow clones present. Trigger attack with shadow clones and will certainly cause low float.
[Chase and Attack] Determination: The lower Naruto’s HP, the higher his defense and resistance.
The biggest characteristic of Shippuden Naruto is that he can continually summon 1-3 clones. When his clone count is greater than 2, he can use the Rotating Shuriken. This is how it is set in the anime too.

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