Itachi showed his ability in Naruto Online

Recommend an MMORPG called Naruto Online to you. This game has legitimate authorization of BANDAI NAMCO. Both its image quality and the ways of play are quite good and I have played it for almost half a year. It also has relatively fast updates and plenty of ninjas to collect. Itachi is my favourite Ninja both in … Continue reading Itachi showed his ability in Naruto Online


Classic Ninjas And Mystery Skills.

jiraiya ninja

This year I’ve played many MMORPG online games. My favorite one is Naruto Online because it has a high level of restoration of the Naruto anime. A lot of classic ninjas and mystery skills appear in the game. If an anime-based game doesn’t respect the original works, then there’s really no reason to play it. … Continue reading Classic Ninjas And Mystery Skills.